Law on foreigners

The most important amendments of the Law on foreigners coming into force as of October 3, 2018.

Renewal of temporary residence permit

Application for the renewal of residence permit can now be submitted earliest three months and latest 30 days prior to the expiration date of the temporary residence permit.

Travel documents expiry date

Travel document must be valid at least three months longer than the period for which the temporary residence permit is being approved.

Rejecting the application for renewal of temporary residence permit

If during the residence permit renewal process, it is determined that the foreigner

has spent less than half a period in Republic of Serbia during the previously granted temporary residence permit, the application may be rejected. The exception are in cases when foreigner justifies his absence by submitting relevant proofs.

Address registration

Foreigner with approved temporary residence permit is required to inform the relevant authority – Foreigners department, about the address change within three days. In case the address change for personal, business or other reasons does not last longer than 15 days, it is not considered to be an official address change.